A Thrilling Book: Or What Is Life? Madhu Ronda

a thrilling book: or what is life?
by madhu ronda
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What is thrill,adventure or a daring thing in life?A ride in thrilling theme park may thrill one.If some activity of jumping from 400 feet cliff pumps adrenalin in your blood then then it is a sure personal thrill.If there is a chasing scene of police on back of fleeing nabster then it is thrill of suspense.You read a thriller book of crime,investigation it can cause thrill.If you paint weird colors to your face you stand apart in crowd.you become center of attraction and you are celebrated as a queer maverick.It is also another thrill.There is no end.
Think.Think for a while.Is life not collective growth of unity,strength of family,social cause?all for a purpose in life we run.Life without purpose is not rational or worthy and some of the best philosophers(Schopenhauer[ref. world as will & representation],Friedrich Nietzsche[ref beyond good and evil]) and Ludwig wittgenstein[ref. on certainty] etc all have to say on thrill of life, also men of science are honoured with nobel prizes(like Dr Erwin Schrodinger) to answer a single question "what is Life?".
PS:Once in a while a question is not a question to be answered.it ceases to be a question as it tends to be an involved exploration that ends in a personal discovery in itself.This small book is intended to serve that purpose to all of you.This book points to great thrills in life so be thrilled.I am no exception to thrill of life.and life goes on.




























a thrilling book: or what is life? madhu ronda

















madhu ronda


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